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    Advanced Manufacture Equipment

    ABB 6-aixs robot, kurtz EPS equipment and Cadex test facilities. Vertically integrated manufacturing resources.

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    Production Capacities

    Build to Order and Just-in-Time production.FAI, SOP and process control plan to ensure first pass yield hight quality.

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    R&D Capabilities

    Customer-oriented, beyond expectation.Best-in-class helmet manufacturing solutions.

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    Trust and well-experienced dedicated R & D team.


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Why Choose Us

  • Advanced Concept and Innovation

    Ready to explore new concept, innovative design, new material and process. Out of box thinking, tiredless efforts.

  • High-end facilities and self-owned testing lab

    Select best-in-class helmet manufacture equipment. Imported calibrated Cadex test facility operated by qualified lab techincian is capable of doing all helmets standard in-house test.

  • Over 15 years of experience

    Vital Sports is a Leading Helmet factory with over 15 years high-end helmet manufacturing experience in smart helmet, e-bike helmet,bike helmet, snow helmet, powersports helmet, mountaineering helmet. Locate in Dongguan China, 45minutes distance from Hong Kong.

  • Smart helmet development & Manufacture

    Customize smart helmet by seamless integreate LED and APP. Offer Turning signal, Brake light,Bluetooth, GPS,Camera,etc. leading intelligent helmet trend with customized functionality.

Our Blog

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    Fresh Sports Marketing Surveys data suggests that 6.7% of the UK’s working population is now commuting by bike, while the broader modal share appears to have hit 3%. Compared to 2020, the number of people cycling to work has held up strongly. In week one of the study, back in mid-June of 2020, j...

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  • Eurobike 2021 exceeds expectations with 18,770 visitors

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