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    Advanced Manufacture Equipment

    ABB 6-aixs robot, kurtz EPS equipment and Cadex test facilities. Vertically integrated manufacturing resources.

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    Production Capacities

    Build to Order and Just-in-Time production.FAI, SOP and process control plan to ensure first pass yield hight quality.

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    R&D Capabilities

    Customer-oriented, beyond expectation.Best-in-class helmet manufacturing solutions.

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    Trust and well-experienced dedicated R & D teay.


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Why Choose Us

  • Advanced Concept and Innovation

    Ready to explore new concept, innovative design, new material and process. Out of box thinking, tiredless efforts.

  • High-end facilities and self-owned testing lab

    Select best-in-class helmet manufacture equipment. Imported calibrated Cadex test facility operated by qualified lab techincian is capable of doing all helmets standard in-house test.

  • Over 15 years of experience

    Vital Sports is a Leading Helmet factory with over 15 years high-end helmet manufacturing experience in smart helmet, e-bike helmet,bike helmet, snow helmet, powersports helmet, mountaineering helmet. Locate in Dongguan China, 45minutes distance from Hong Kong.

  • Smart helmet development & Manufacture

    Customize smart helmet by seamless integreate LED and APP. Offer Turning signal, Brake light,Bluetooth, GPS,Camera,etc. leading intelligent helmet trend with customized functionality.

Our Blog

  • Are E-Bikes for Kids a Bad Idea?

    Advocates of pricy, battery-boosted models encourage parents to take any opportunity to get their kids outside. Detractors say children are too irresponsible to handle the risk. Here, we debate both sides. NO, IT’S A GOOD IDEA. ANY OPPORTUNITY TO GET KIDS EXERCISING IS WORTH IT Biking the flat s...

  • Rapha Classic – preserving performance and nature

    Cycling is strangely obsessed with technological innovation and reinvention, yet we still ride on steel axles and spokes, and regard Merino wool with all the reverence that made it the first performance riding fabric.    When tradition meets innovation, great things happen. Rapha proved this when...

  • When you have given everything, you can’t be disappointed

    A man can run up a debt at the Tour de France, but sooner rather than later, the race demands that he settles his account. On Saturday, Guillaume Martin (Cofidis) showed enterprise to get in the day’s break and move up seven places to second place overall. Just 24 hours later, the Frenchman was ...


    Brent Van Moer looked over his shoulder, saw the peloton round the bend, shook his head and pressed on.  The 23-year-old Belgian had been off the front of the race for the entire day, having gone on the attack with Cofidis’s Pierre-Luc Périchon with 137.5 km remaining in a 150 km stage. After an...


    A single line from a conversation I had with L39ION’s Justin Williams a year ago still regularly runs through my head. “We failed the fixie kids,” he said.  A decade ago, there were thousands, tens of thousands, of kids on fixed gears in cities across the world. Black and brown and white and gay...