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    Advanced Manufacture Equipment

    ABB 6-aixs robot, kurtz EPS equipment and Cadex test facilities. Vertically integrated manufacturing resources.

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    Production Capacities

    Build to Order and Just-in-Time production.FAI, SOP and process control plan to ensure first pass yield hight quality.

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    R&D Capabilities

    Customer-oriented, beyond expectation.Best-in-class helmet manufacturing solutions.

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    Trust and well-experienced dedicated R & D team.


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Why Choose Us

  • Advanced Concept and Innovation

    Ready to explore new concept, innovative design, new material and process. Out of box thinking, tiredless efforts.

  • High-end facilities and self-owned testing lab

    Select best-in-class helmet manufacture equipment. Imported calibrated Cadex test facility operated by qualified lab techincian is capable of doing all helmets standard in-house test.

  • Over 15 years of experience

    Vital Sports is a Leading Helmet factory with over 15 years high-end helmet manufacturing experience in smart helmet, e-bike helmet,bike helmet, snow helmet, powersports helmet, mountaineering helmet. Locate in Dongguan China, 45minutes distance from Hong Kong.

  • Smart helmet development & Manufacture

    Customize smart helmet by seamless integreate LED and APP. Offer Turning signal, Brake light,Bluetooth, GPS,Camera,etc. leading intelligent helmet trend with customized functionality.

Our Blog

  • On the importance of helmets

    In a motorcycle accident, the more serious is the head injury, but the fatal injury is not the first impact on the head, but the second violent impact between the brain tissue and the skull, and the brain tissue will be squeezed or torn rupture, or bleeding in the brain, causing permanent damage....

  • The material and structure of bicycle helmet

    Bicycle helmets can serve social utility by constantly absorbing the impact of cultural collisions. In short, the foam lining inside the bicycle helmet system cushions the shock that hits the skull. In the sense of traditional social and economic development, many studies on Chinese bicycle helme...

  • Daily cleaning tips for electric vehicle helmets

    Electric vehicle helmets are divided into summer models and winter models. No matter what season you wear it, you must do a good job of daily cleaning. After all, they are worn every day and are clean and hygienic. If it is dirty, it will be cleaned up. Here, we still have to remind users and fri...

  • How to choose a safety helmet?

    1. Buy famous brand products with certificate, trademark, factory name, factory address, production date, specification, model, standard code, production license number, product name, complete logo, neat printing, clear pattern, clean appearance and high reputation. Second, the helmet can be weig...

  • Introduction to the function, principle and function of bicycle helmet

    Since the invention of bicycles, people are better means of transportation and leisure, especially after cycling has become a competitive sport, people love it even more. However, as a sport with speed finals, safety has become an important issue. So people thought of helmets. The advent of bicyc...